Why We Love Storage Units

With the warmer months coming, we know this means MOVING TIME… or at least clean up your stuff time! We can’t recommend storage units more – they’re perfect for so many different stages of life. Whether you’re downsizing or just in a transition, they are the perfect solution.

However… it’s important to keep your storage unit organized and clutter-free. Not only does this avoid causing damage to your stuff, but it saves you the stress of remembering what is in there when you open that door!

First things first: CLEAN THE UNIT! Of course, when you’re working with a reputable company like Life Storage, you’ll be given keys to a clean dry unit but it never hurts to spruce the place up. After all, you love your things; take good care of them!

Pro Tip: TAKE INVENTORY of your items. Imagine needing to dig through every bin every time you needed one item? No – that would be ridiculous. We recommend a simple note on your phone, or some fun labeled tapes! Of course, you could always take photos and keep them in a folder, but you might not be as crazy as us.

Okay now, let’s talk organizing!

Think about what you’ll be storing and how you’d like to access it. What would be helpful?

Install shelving! I don’t recommend drilling into the walls (check first, seriously) but standing shelves are a great option! Your unit will have good height ceilings so you should take advantage of that space!

Invest in some closing plastic storage bins. We know that other options may be cheaper, but not only are plastic bins studier, but they also allow you to see what’s inside! Extra perk: stack them on top of each other on those standing shelves. These bins come in all different sizes so they are great for packing most things. 

We can dig into how to pack specific things, but we’ll save that for another time. To focus on the important thing: Where do you put your stuff?

Put things you’ll need sooner than later in the front. Keep anything intended for long-term storage in the back. Create a path through the middle so you can see things on both sides. Make things easy on yourself. Honestly, make a map!

Being ready to organize is great, but let’s talk about everyone’s least favorite piece of the puzzle: logistics.  When you’re working with a company like Life Storage, you get the ease of their contact-free rental portal: Rent Now.  With this handy tool, you’ll be able to reserve your unit — including payment and paperwork — and move your stuff in whenever you’re ready. Best of all, there’s no guesswork to finding your space with the digital map that’s sent to you upon reservation.

Luckily, if your storage unit is located on the second or third story, Life Storage facilities have elevators so you don’t need to lug your stuff up a couple of flights of stairs… If that were the case, we may recommend just tossing it all (just kidding, we appreciate your things!). They also have climate-controlled units so you can store belongings like furniture and artwork without worry! At most facilities, you’ll even have 24/7 access to your belongings, which are secured with state of the art surveillance.

We hope this helps! Happy storing!! 

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