What’s on your makeup vanity?

This weekend, we were in the middle of working on a family’s home when the mom pulled us aside and asked us to give her makeup a little zhuzh if we had some spare time before we left their home. 

We love a vanity makeover, so thought it would be best to share our favorite organizers with you. We searched plenty of price-points, in-drawer, on table, basically all the options and here are some of our favorites that are all shoppable on Amazon.

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

This comes in 2 different sizes: 3 larger drawers, 4 smalls; or 4 large drawers, 2 small. 

We love that this is transparent so you can see what is in every drawer. This also comes in a large range of colors so it can match every style.

This has drawers, brush holders, and lipstick holders making it really a perfect all-in-one.

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

This organizer comes with 21 compartments, yes, 21.

This organizer holds 12 lipsticks, and comes with 9 different size drawers. Both interlocking and interchangeable, you can design this to fit your space and your style. The drawers are lined with velvet to keep all of your cases in perfect condition, too!

STORi Clear Plastic 6-Compartment Vanity Makeup Organizer

This table top organizer is perfect for a smaller space.  It has taller compartments that are perfect for brushes, palettes, and liners. 

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

This 7-layer tower rotates a full 360 and perfectly fits everything!  How? Well, the layers are adjustable which makes this customizable to whatever you need it to fit!


we want to drop our favorite bathroom accessory (thank you, Koko). Khloe Kardashian loves this floor mat. She says this Belize Memory Foam Mat “feels like you’re walking on a cloud.” We had to try it and 10/10 recommend you do, too! 

PS – if you’re reorganizing your makeup throw out your mascara if you don’t remember the last time that you bought a new one, trust us 😉

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