Organizing Tips To Help Those With Physical Impairments

Modifying your home can be as simple as rearranging some furniture or
putting in a few handrails in strategic locations.

Here are some of our favorite tips!

Don’t leave things hanging
Put pans on a countertop rack instead of hanging them or putting them in a drawer. Store plates, bowls, cups, and other heavy-use items in a single, easily accessible drawer or shelf, not spread around the room. Try to reserve high shelves for things you don’t need often.

Let shelving do the heavy lifting
Use slide-out shelving or a Lazy Susan like this in corner cabinets and refrigerators to make things easier to reach. A wheeled cart like a tea cart or tiered cart can provide extra storage and help move heavy items safely and easily. For example, use it to move a pot from the refrigerator to the cooking range.

For smooth moving, get rid of clutter and make sure electric cords and telephone wires aren’t tripping hazards.

Install skid-free mats
Low-profile, non-skid mats can prevent falls on wet and slippery floors. 

Work in a home office?
 Use a shorter filing cabinet with two drawers instead of three so you can see them all from wheelchair-sitting height.

Be Consistent
Put things away in the same place and don’t allow yourself to get careless.

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