It’s Back To School Time – Our Top 7 Helpful Tips To Stay Organized!

As we gear up for our kids to head back to school, staying organized is an absolute MUST! While summertime is usually a bit more relaxed in the “organization department”, it’s time to shake it off and get back into School Mode! 

Don’t worry, these tips are easy and time savers. So, grab your coffee and let’s go! Here are our top tips to stay organized and keep your sanity as the school year turns to full swing. 

Use bathroom organizers to make early morning routines easier

There is absolutely no time in the school morning to search for that missing hair brush or toothbrush- use a simple caddy like this one to store all the morning essentials.

*Pro Tip- Label one caddy for each kid, that way no one’s items get mixed up and you can easily move their items to any room for a quick “get ready” routine.

Use a trunk organizer for all the sports equipment the kids will need for the week

Extracurriculars don’t stand a chance with this organization bin. Not only do these items stay put in the car, but there will not be any sports equipment, ballet shoes, etc rolling around in the back seat. This organizer can easily fold up for more space when sports season is over too and double as a grocery bin. #goteam

Keep a “last minute” homework help organizer in the car

Can you hear those words “oops, I forgot to finish my homework”? I hope you don’t (fingers crossed), but to be extra prepared, keep a pencil case like this loaded with the goods that your kids may need – pencils, sharpeners, highlighters, scissors, glue, tape, erasers, etc. You can never be too prepared for last minute moments. 

Use a wall calendar to keep all activities organized

When the school season starts, it is easy to let the chaos of events take over. But, why do that? Using a simple wall calendar allows you to lay out the entire month’s activities where they are visually easy to see for everyone. If you prefer an electronic version- make sure to set reminders for the day before. No more missed teacher conferences, you are prepared and ready to go!

Use a wall organizer with a file for each member of the family

Floating loose papers will likely never make it far. Create a simple, easy to use system for all those extra documents. Use a wall file like this and a colored folder for each individual (even adults for miscellaneous paper). Field trips slips, classroom updates, you name it- have the children take a minute to place those items in “their” folder.

Make a homework/school supply cart

Having a space designated just for homework tends to calm some of the “homework blues”. A rolling cart, along with plastic bins and all the homework essentials makes a perfect (and movable) space for your little one to get their work done and accomplished.

Coffee Station

Now for you… The mornings can be hectic, the car rides can be chaotic but make sure to take time for you. A cup of coffee (or tea, whatever you fancy) can make the morning a little more… well, sane (haha). Create a little personalized coffee station– deck it out with your faves! A special sweetener, new Starbucks tervis and straw, a great quality coffee… Treat yourself, we definitely give you permission 😉

No matter what, the start of a new school season may seem overwhelming and you are not alone! I hope some of these tips help you out!

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