How To Organize Your Recipes

With the Holiday Season right around the corner, we took a long trip into our recipes to find the family favorites… then it hit us! It’s time to share how we organize our recipes. 


This is something that gets more cluttered than it should, and it’s something it is often overlooked. Organizing recipes is a quick and easy “win” and a great place to start prepping for the Holidays. 

  1. Gather all of your recipes: The first step, like in any kind of organization, is to take inventory! What do you have where? How are your recipes stored – is that system working for you still? If you’re like most people, you haven’t settled on one system that works for you. Personally, mine used to be a combo of note cards, magazine rip outs tucked into drawers and endless pins from Pinterest. That’s okay – you’re taking a step to change it! (PS – our camera roll is still full of saved TikTok videos to make!)

  2. Group recipes based on format: We aren’t delusional – we know that keeping things on multiple mediums is a thing. To combat that, it’s best to sort things of similar formats. We find it’s best to put anything printed together: recipe cards, magazine clippings, notes you’ve jotted down, etc. Keep all of your digital files saved in the same place – make a “future eats” folder on your phone for TikToks, screenshots and your favorite Pins!

  3.  Declutter your recipe collection: Okay, it’s not time to look at what you’ve got.  Ask yourself, are there any recipes you no longer need? Have you saved something three different times? Sift through your recipes and decide which you want to keep and which you want to toss. We think its easiest to start with anything printed then move to the digital saves.

  4. Choose a method for organizing your recipes: It’s time to decide – are you going to be physical or digital? What works easier in your world? Of course, there are pros and cons for each method but we like to stay positive so here are your pros:

Less clutter, yay!

Everything is always stored in the same space

You can sync into your smart devices, that can chat with you, while you cook

Recipes are easy to share


You can have a break from your screens!

You can hold on to more sentimental pages, like hand written notes from grandma!

Store close, but away, from your cooking space


  • Categorize your recipes: This will need to be customized to what fits you! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, appetizers, sides, snacks, drinks

  • Diet: low carb, keto, vegetarian, Whole 30, paleo

  • Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Greek

  • Main ingredient: chicken, beef, pasta, fish

  • Cooking method: InstantPot, air fryer, slow cooker, casseroles, sheet pan, grill

  • Season or holidays: Thanksgiving, summer bbq, fall soups, cozy winter recipes

  • Time to prepare or difficulty: 30-minute meals, 10 ingredients or less, one pot meals


The bright side of getting these all organized: All of your go-to’s and favorite meals are in one place and you can dive right in to the goods!


Happy eating, everyone!

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