How to make a moving binder.

Regardless of being someone who moves a lot, or only every few years, you know how important it is to be organized. This is especially true if you’re doing a long-distance move. However, moving is a stressful time, no matter how far the journey to home is. 

One of our most important tips to movers is to create a “moving binder.” 

What is a moving binder? A moving binder holds all of your moving essentials in one place so you always know where to look! Think things like contracts, leases, lists of utilities to cancel/update, to-do lists, and box inventory (yes, you should have a list of what you packed where!).

Making a moving binder is such an easy way to stay super organized during the most chaotic times. It takes very few steps to create. 

  1. Get yourself a sturdy 2” binder! We typically suggest a bright color so it’s easily spotted in the closet!

  2. A set of dividers. You can make these as fun, or simple, as you’d like. We do recommend color-coding them!

    1.  Include things like:

      1. Master To-Do List

      2. Contracts

      3. Notes

      4. Inventory of Boxes packed

      5. Items you need to buy

      6. Expense tracker (this is helpful if you move frequently – where can you cut costs)

  3. Note pads & Paper refills. You don’t want to misplace scrap paper in the trash.

  4. Post It Notes and Flags. Markdown questions, where signatures are needed, note deadlines, etc.

  5. Pens. They’re really always a good idea to have on hand. You never know when a pen will come in handy and you’ll look very prepared when signing contracts with movers.

  6. A pouch! Do you remember the 3-ring pencil pouches from Middle School? Well, they’re your best friend again – hold Post It Notes, pens, business cards, extra keys, all the things!

Not everything in the binder has to be business! We think it’s a fun idea to add a tab of “new city things.” Make a list of places you want to check out in your new city! This takes some stress away.  Look for restaurants, dog parks, boutiques, or your new salon. 

We recommend tackling this with the people you’re moving with so they know where everything is, too!

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