Home Gym Organization

It’s getting cold out (at least in NYC!), and I know for me that means it’s a struggle to get myself to a gym! Over the last few months I’ve spent some time building out a tiny home gym to try to stay in the #fitfam all winter and here’s what helped me get organized.

First of all, let’s address what you’ve put together, or will be putting together a home gym.

What a commitment you’re making to yourself and that’s incredible! give yourself some credit🥳

We are huge fans of using hanging space, especially since no one really has the amount of space they’d love for a home gym, especially if you’re in a city apartment.

Using vertical space is the best way to keep things like resistance bands and yoga straps from tangling.

This one has great reviews and is reasonably priced! These can really get up there, especially if you go custom-made, but we’re always down to support local! Here’s one of our favorite Etsy finds. You can find racks that will hold your yoga mat and cycle shoes, too! Add in some jump ropes and you’ve got your cardio locked in!

Since we’re all live-streaming classes…

It’s a good idea to get a sturdy holder for your laptop or tablet. Consider your options: are you looking to mount this on the wall or have on the floor? Maybe both? There are so many inexpensive options for this, but we love this mount from Amazon. 

We love open, minimal shelving for storage.

What better way to make yourself workout than looking at the equipment you’ve already bought? Store small weights, water bottles, kettlebells or medicine balls neatly in an easily accessible space. Don’t want to buy new shelving? Repurposing an unused bookshelf is perfect for this! 

We 10/10 recommend getting some full-length mirrors (these are $7 target!).

This will not only make your space appear lighter and brighter but you can watch yourself suffer.. I mean get stronger! Who doesn’t miss that at the gym?

Lastly, be sure to arrange your equipment in ways that make sense.

Put the things you use most frequently at the easiest reach – as soon as you step into your gym, you should see them! Also put everything away, which will help avoid clutter collecting and keep the space inviting and looking its biggest. 

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