Get “Guest Ready” this Holiday Season!

No matter what holiday you may celebrate, spending quality time with those you love is something to be grateful for. As with anything, preparation is key! So, please don’t wait until the last minute!

Are you hosting family and friends? 

Are you serving dinner at your home? 

Will kids be coming over?

We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips to make your home a bit more “Guest Ready” but without any headache. It’s the time of year to enjoy, not be overwhelmed – and we are here to help! 

Dinner Prep

  • Clean out your freezer – plus you’ll have room for those leftovers

  • Prepare make ahead dishes that can be frozen for the Big Day

  • Create a cooking schedule

  • Keep a running list of items you may need so when guests ask what they can bring, you are a step ahead!

  • Make a shopping list and shop ahead – this way you can watch for sales and ensure you have those specialty items that are sometimes harder to find

Overnight Guest Prep

  • Fresh linens for the guest room 

  • Keep some water and snacks available for your guests

  • Stock the bathroom – toiletry kit for guests, fresh towels, extra toilet paper

  • “Be Our Guest” Wifi sign – some may be too shy to ask!

  • Space heater – avoids racking up those extra bills and keep your guests comfy

  • Don’t forget extra hangers for their closet so their clothes can be wrinkle free

Home Prep

  • Have a well lit entrance – especially as this season gets darker earlier we want our guests to feel comfortable

  • Use a diffuser to create that holiday scent we all know and love – they actually last longer than traditional candles

  • Have a coat hanger at your entrance to create extra storage space

  • If kids are involved, make the space more kid friendly 

    • spare room turned to temporary changing area  

    • a corner of the living room with toys, books and comfy pillows

    • cover any electrical outlets (depending on their age)

    • place glass/fragile items out of reach

I hope these tips are helpful! Eat, drink and be thankful!

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