We are currently located in DC, MD and VA along with Orange County and Los Angeles 🙂 We do love to travel as well!

The project will take longer than your favorite organizing show, ha! Please keep in mind that those shows edit out most of the time spent sorting, making decisions, set up and installation of systems.

Timing of your project will depend on several things, the main factors being:

How much stuff do you have?

How complex the space is?

How important aesthetic is to you?

How quickly you can make decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of?

Yes, thanks for asking! We have a 4 hour minimum for our organizing jobs. We find that this allows you time to come to terms with the purge and allows the organizer to walk you through tactics to keep your space functional.

While we do believe a good purge is essential for every project, we will never make you throw something away. What you keep, what your discard and what you donate is completely up to you!

Our clients report the feeling of intense relief after working with us because we helped them solve problems they struggled with for, sometimes, decades.

We approach organization in a realistic way by setting you and your team (family, co-workers, etc) up with systems that are catered to your space to ensure success!

We love sharing our work on social media! By hiring The Model Home you agree to allow us to use photos of your space in our portfolio, on our social media platforms, in our blogs, on our website and other The Model Home owned digital space. We make sure to blur out any names, family photos etc in the space. You will be given a release form, but don’t worry! No personal information will be shared unless you want us to!

If you do not want photos posted, we completely understand, just let us know before, during or after the session, no problem!

If you chuckled at that heading, this is probably not for you.

We ask that you treat our staff with the same respect you expect from a guest in your home. We take our work seriously, and want to make sure your experience is cleansing, both physically and emotionally. However, sometimes it can get tense when it comes to purging items.

My teams will not tolerate disrespect or any feelings of being unsafe. Please remember, we are walking into your space, trusting we will be safe – in the same way you trust us.

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