Easy January Cleanout To Get On Track

If you didn’t know…

The start of every year is officially #declutteringseason! As it goes, out with the old; in with the new! We’re in our second week of 2022 so we think it’s time to kick it into gear and get cleaning!

We know that getting rid of things can be difficult, especially around the Holidays. As humans, we get emotionally connected to things that we have, but we’re here to tell you there is a better way!

Decluttering can be overwhelming, so we wanted to send you the list of things our team gets rid of every year – simple, small, non-sentimental items: 

On your marks, get set, toss it🎉

Overflowing plastic and paper bags.
Promotional magnets.
Expired beauty supplies.
Beauty supplies that you don’t like.
Cleaning products you hate the smell of.
Beauty samples you “might use” for an event that could happen.
Supplies from hobbies you haven’t done in years.
Excess pencils and pens.
Broken crayons, dry markers, and colored pencils that your kids never use.
Excess vases.
Chipped dishes.
Scraps of wrapping paper.
Boots, jackets, and coats you haven’t worn all season.
Gloves and socks with no match.
Broken toys or toys with missing pieces.
Toys that make you cringe when your child uses them.
Permanently stained clothing.
Paint samples.
Excess or broken luggage.
Formalwear that no longer fits.
Items you meant to return that are past their return date.
Old nail polish.
Extra cords from that bin of cords you don’t know what it charges.
Hair accessories you never use.
Jewelry you never reach for.
Excess clothes hangers.
Office supplies you never use or are broken.
That broken anything you already have a replacement for.
Cookware you never use.

Happy decluttering!

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