Chill Out – Organize your Refrigerator with us!

Food is the way to the heart… but, how do you keep your food organized and lasting longer?

CHILL OUT, we’ve got refrigeration tips for you! **dad jokes for the win haha**

We have compiled some of our favorite refrigerator products and how to get the most use out of them, check them out!

Clear the Fridge

Take it all out (yes, all of it) check expiration dates and give your refrigerator a deep clean.

Use Washable Mats

Washable mats are great for spills. It makes clean up so much easier if you line your fridge with these mats.

Utilize Bins

These stackable bin organizers are great because they are clear which means you can see exactly what you have and they’re stackable so you can maximize storage space in the fridge. 

These are our go to pick when it comes to organizing cans, allowing them to roll down one by one when removed so you always have a fresh can at the front. Having an organizer like this allows you to utilize the harder to reach area in the back of the fridge as well!

Storing Food

Mason jars are back! (did they ever leave?) Not only are these jars aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they also come highly recommended for preventing food waste.

Airtight glass storage containers like these are great if you prefer to stay away from plastic. Plus, they stack! **win, win**

These Stasher bags are washable, reusable, dishwasher safe and a great option to store veggies, snacks, fruit and sauces!

I hope these tips and products are helpful!


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