10 Steps to creating a small, but functional office space

We all know how messy offices can get, but they’re a real eye-sore when they’re in your home and can be overwhelming if they’re small. If you’re anything like us (we bet you are…) you can’t work in clutter!

So, we put together some tips that help us keep our small office neat and functional.

Purge Paper

First and foremost, get rid of things you no longer need. Look into a digital filing system for VIP (very important papers). You should also set up a color-coded system for all of you items that are filed away!


Don’t let panic happen when you’re looking for something important.

We recommend these:

Green: finances

Red: medical

Yellow: housing/bills

Orange: personal

Invest in a Label Maker

No filing system is complete without one.

Mail/Paper station

This is a little old school but it really does work best. Get a paper holder/sorter for papers and mail you need readily available. It can blend right into your desk and hide all that paper clutter, too!

Organize Drawers

You can’t have everything on and around your desk in tip top shape to only have messy drawers. We recommend using bins and different size containers to house all of those in-drawer items.

Organize Books

You can do this a few different ways, but it allows you to add your touch to something as personal as books. Organizing books in a way that makes sense for you also makes them a lot easier to find than just stacked on an end table.

We recommend doing by



or Author

Use Wall Space

Wall space is often a forgotten space in an office. However, it is so crucial, especially in a smaller space. You can use wall space to organize your calendars, leave yourself notes on a cork board, or add floating shelves for additional storage.

Use shelving

Shelving doubles as display space and a organizational tool! You can also add baskets or bins to hide things you don’t want seen like backstock of items or things with no real “home”.

Make a Command Center

Use this space to hold all the bigger essentials – think printer, bulletin board, filing cabinets, etc. Keeping everything together makes access to it all easier and you will prevent misplacing things.

Keep Your Desk Simple

The simpler the things on your desk are, the easier they are to keep neat. Accessorize your desk with items intentionally; they should allow you towork easier and not overwhelm you. Look for items that blend in with your desk for a seamless, clean look.

Looking to clean up your space, but don’t know where to start? We can help! For more on home organizing in Maryland, reach out to the team here.

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